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  • Eudaimonia: (n) wellbeing: from the classic Greek meaning a contented state of happiness, health and prosperity

  • A boutique PR & Marketing agency, Eudaimonia Communications is creating solutions for Business and Sport

A successfully integrated Sport and Business Consultancy offering clear communication, innovation and dynamic working partnerships

Public Relations

Sports Management



Media Relations


Business What We Do

Eudaimonia Business identifies consumer needs,
delivers cohesion and helps progress you towards
the end goal.

Developing PR, Business and Marketing strategies, we help define a company’s vision with clarity and precision. Supporting brand recognition and offering creative solutions, EC Business also provides expertise in Multicultural Marketing: engaging the billion dollar ethnic and diverse markets.

Areas of Expertise

Public Relations


Multicultural Communications


Media Relations

Business/Strategic Development

Sport Our Works

Where Sport Meets Business. More than a Sports Agency; we are supporting and cultivating the needs of 21st Century sports professionals

Eudaimonia Sport offers a client-specific service providing expertise in areas of representation, public relations and brokering, along with an extensive contacts base, connecting individuals to partners across the globe, including the US, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Areas of Expertise

Sports Representation

Public Relations



Sports Sponsorship

Media Relations

About Company Biography

Defining vision, offering identity and delivering cohesion

In a dynamic market we help clients differentiate themselves, successfully face challenges and sculpt the right strategies to create feasible opportunities

Clients Clients

Nurturing relationships and Creating Opportunities

Eudaimonia Communications believes a smart company nurtures its clients, exchanges ideas and develops meaningful partnerships. Our objective is to offer our clients and our partners flexible and adaptable choices so they can create the best services; providing solutions for the long haul

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If you have any questions or comments or would like to contact us, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you